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The Twins: Lola & Lionel

Lola's brother, friend, and twin
(A good deal quieter than his kin)
With winks he waves and shyly smiles,
His sun-flushed blush that so beguiles
Amusing some and charming all,
til dusk bids slumber on him fall.
As Lionel dozes 'neath the moon,
His sister wakes and starts to croon.
She hums her dirges to the night,
Saluting all the stars in sight;
But when the daybreak comes at last,
She sleeps once seeing her shadow cast.
Sold separately. Each twin is 8" wide x 12" tall and lives in a wooden green frame behind real glass. Mini 4" wide x 6" tall variations of the plant are also available.
NOTE: Papa Pearl stains the wood of each frame by hand, so there will be slight variations in the actual green you receive. 

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