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The Timeless Tulip

These crocheted tulips caught Papa Pearl's eye during his journey through Bellefontaine, France. Each piece is handmade to order and shipped from France. They will make you smile and brighten up any room.  
Select your preferred size and tulip color from the color chart. 
  • Small Tulip:  6.3 inches tall
  • Large Tulip:  7.5 inches tall
  • Plant Pot:     1.9 inches diameter

The crocheted flower is not glued to the pot, so you can easily paint the pot if you like. The bulb color will be crocheted in the color Chocolat, and the stem and leaf in Pomme, unless you tell us otherwise in an email to


  • Mercerized cotton thread, stuffed with non-allergenic polyester, earthenware pot, aluminum wire.

Shipping: Since these are made to order and shipped from France, they can take 2-3 weeks to get to you. You will be kept notified of your order and timing through email.

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